Hanging Out In The Medina of Marrakech

Hanging Out In The Medina of Marrakech


Hanging out in the medina of Marrakech can feel like heaven to lots of people and it can be overwhelming in such a powerful way for others that it can resemble hell.

I have had over the years tourists arriving in my little boutique in Mouassine : Sun stroke , red faced and out of breath looking for directions and really lost in the labyrinths of Derbs . Under their polite manners their faces scream “Get me out of here please !”

For others it is home from home : They embrace the chaos , the noise, the colours with such gusto. They are revived and inspired by the old city .

Which one are you?

You can taylor your visit to the Medina and make your stay in Marrakech a hassle free zone .

Here is how:

Choose to stay in the lovely Palmeraie on the outskirt of town- just 20 min from the medina -in one of its numerous hotels .

Refreshing pools and big gardens for a relaxing stay and then visit the medina for few hours or more following how you feel about it .

Or stay in the Atlas Mountains for those breathtaking views and sens of calmness and peace .

Nothing screams more Morocco to me than the Atlas Mountains .

The Medina will always be less than an hour drive and an afternoon lunch plus shopping expedition to the ancient city can do the trick .

I love the medina and hate it in equal measure !

I work there everyday : My workshop ( where all the Hanout Boutique clothes are made ) is there as well as my three boutiques .

It does inspire me and brings me a joyful sens of self on a daily basis .

But the lack of parking ( I have contemplated quiet seriously buying a motorbike ) and the high level of energies can be be very tiring .

I do love ( and miss when away ) meeting a number of those colourful characters that populate the medina .

From the scary looking lady beggar that demands money with a loud voice and not a hint of a smile- she will go without a fuss if you decide not give her anything harmless after all!- to the Djellaba wearing lady that is a fixture in Riad Zitoun area, well known she have made herself the one to go to for any job requiring moving around in a moppet .

I admire her for having made a place for herself among the mostly men wanado’s that hang out in the area .

The colourful set of Kourissa ( or carts ) pulling guys - as no cars can go inside the medina they are the ones who will bring your shopping or your suitcases to the depth of the medina alleyways -who spend their time wile waiting for their next customer laying on their carts half a sleep or if awake sipping mint tea and smoking long Moroccan pipes .

In my Mouassine shop I am always aware of the -at least - 5 men forever there sitting on chairs on the other side of my shop .

Some enthusiastic lady shopper might take off her clothes in the middle of my tiny shop not waiting for her turn in the changing room . Those ladies in their underwear or bikinis make the day of my friendly male crowd on the other side of the street !

The layers of this richly diverse community criss cross paths in the dusty Derbs and the result is one interesting loveable ( or not !) scenery worth discovering .

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