Allia’s Leather Jacket Berber Jewels is a unique* exotic chic addition to your wardrobe.

It is cut in a soft Lambskin Leather in a gorgeous brown.

Allia’s Leather Jacket is embellished with authentic berber coins in the front.

The back is decorated with a unique* vintage berber piece of jewellery.

This leather Jacket comes in 3 sizes :

  • Size 1 : 36-38 French Size or 2-4 /4-6 US size or 6/8 UK size
  • Size 2 : 40-42 French size or 8/10 US size or 12/14 UK size
  • Size 3 : 44-46 French Size or 12/14 US size or 16/18 UK size

The berber pieces are sourced from Berber tribes in the Atlas mountains. They are authentic and previously worn as bridal head pieces.

The Jacket pictured is not currently available it is mainly to give you an idea of there final product.

Below are pictures of the berber jewellery currently available.

Kindly choose the one you prefer and mention it wile finalising the sale.

Each Jacket is unique and you’ll cherish this soulful creation by Hanout Boutique.


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