Khamssa Bag Leather Vintage Hand Fatima is a wonderful  Cross body bag .

First , the talented team of Hanout Boutique artisans hand made this cute bag.

Most noteworthy,  we decorate this bag with a unique vintage Hand of Fatima .

Indeed , we source those vintage pieces of jewellery  in the Atlas mountains where they have been hand made by the Berber Tribes.

We designed Khamssa Bag  with a large strap partly made from vintage berber Kilim .

Berber tribes make flat weaved rugs called Kilims  -or in this case vintage weaved belts.

As a result ,we create each time a unique Khmissa bag du to both the original hand of Fatima and the vintage kilim strap.

Furthermore , we made this beautiful and original bag from a Black premium leather .

In addition , we lined it with a lovely Africain Wax.

Finally , we added an inside pocket that can carry your mobile phone.

Height : 17 cm

Width : 28 Cm

Width of the strap: 17 cm

Max Long Strap: 1m 17 cm

In conclusion , we recommend you  get in touch via email .

We will send you the Khmissa Bags currently available with differents unique straps and unique vintage Hand of Fatima.


Weight 400 g


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