Touria Silk Kaftan Dress Beige is the perfect alternative for a chic Summer evening with a Moroccan touch.

First of all at Hanout Boutique we cut Touria Silk Kaftan Dress Beige in a 100% Crepe Satin Silk fabric .

Also we designed Touria’s Kaftan with one Muslin band on the side and one in the front of a different shade to the main dress .

In addition at Hanout Boutique we designed The back with two smaller bands one beige and one  orange.

The two bands in the back come as a surprise and give a fun factor to this fabulous dress.

Furthermore the collar have hand made finishing .

Touria Silk Kaftan Dress Beige is 90 cm long and comes in one size.

In conclusion Touria’s Kaftan Beige is a Chic Kaftan Dress and can be worn in a wedding or at a party with a pair of heels.

Size and Cut:

Available Colors:

This particular Kaftan is available in : Beige* , Emerald green , Grey*  and Navy blue*.

The bands in the back are always in beige and Pink .

The bands in the front and the side are a different shade of the main color of the Kaftan

Also Please kindly email us and we will send you pictures of the colors available.

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