Inspiration 2014

Colour me Pink DSC_0018 Pink or nothing . Every shade of pink is in my radar. Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson th-7 Intense, dark ,manipulative, arrogant , rude, emotional but also extremely creative,perfectionist, spiritual,talented and Visionary.He created two of the most iconic brands : Apple and Pixar.His fantastic attention to details and obsessiveness about great and simplified designs gave us devices like the Ipod and the iphone that are so much part of our life that we forget to notice how magics they are. I was fascinated reading Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson . As a young entrepreneur two questions he regulary asked interviewing job seeker at Apple: When did you lost your virginity? Did you ever took LSD? If you read one book this year make it this one. Jimmy Hendrix: Move over let Jimmy take over th I received a nanoIpod as a present for Christmas . I play jimmy wile running and the sexy mesmerising voice of his, make my morning workout a moment to look forward to. David & Imane Bowie Iman-David-Bowie-wedding I Found this photo wile browsing on internet. What a Fantastic couple and what a great photo.
Quote: Albert Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge
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