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Marrakech winter fashion - luxe, layers and statement coats.

London, Paris, New York ... Marrakech!

Morocco is a diverse and majestic country, and Marrakech is truly a cosmopolitan city of wonders.
Back in 2017, Harper's Bazaar wrote "...An understated haven of serenity, Marrakech is a place both minimalist and ornate in style, and at the heart of this enchanting city is a people whose positive energy radiates a sense of warmth and comfort. More vibrant in color palette than Paris and Milan and far more spiritual than London or Sydney, this city offers a feast for the senses that the style set won't experience anywhere else...".

It's true, Marrakech is up and coming in the world of fashion; with creative events scheduled throughout the year and haute couture boutiques popping up all over town.
There's never been a better time for creatives and fashionistas to visit the city.

So how can you "the traveller" maintain a sense of unique style, whilst cohering to the practicalities of navigating this new-to-you environment? Hanout Boutique is ready to give you all of the answers.

In this blog series of "what to wear", we will cover some of those questions the stylish and culturally conscious woman has, when stepping into an exotic destination.

Cold hands, warm heart...
You're visiting Marrakech this season and you are dreaming of a warmer climate, relaxing in the sun and looking totally divine whilst doing so.
Here's the truth that google weather wont tell you... Marrakech has a winter too!
If you're planning to spend the entire vacation basking in the sunlight, then the midday sun will offer you temperatures in the mid 20's (celsius).
However, if like most of us you are restless and ready to explore the city, go out for evening meals and of course shop the markets; then you might be surprised to find there is a chill in the air.

Prepare yourself for changeable weather conditions throughout the day. That in itself may sound like a challenge, especially when dealing with the tiny luggage allowance on those budget airlines.

The secret, lies in layers!
We aren't talking about impractical bundles of heavy coats and jeans. Think several, elegant and lightweight layers of soft fabrics which can be worn together under a heavier statement jacket.

At Hanout Boutique, we are big on beautiful silk! Perhaps once associated with summer styles or luxurious lingerie, this versatile fabric has drifted into our Autumn wish lists in the form of slip dresses, tunics and minimalistic essentials.
Not only easy on the eye, silk is also entirely practical in the winter as the natural fibres regulate our body's temperature. Silk is a dream for your all-year-round wardrobe, keeping you cool in the hot summer, and warm on those cold winter nights. Completely perfect for Marrakech's changeable climate!

Delphine Silk Dress Blue White Print Hanout Boutique
Take our Delphine Silk Maxi Dress, for example. Pictured above in a timeless blue & white print. Teamed with chunky winter boots and a long, woven coat to create a look which is both elegant & contemporary for everyday wear.
You can shop the look here.

Chaibia Navy Blue Suede Jacket With Hand Painted Details

Our 100% silk maxi dresses feel gorgeous to wear, and can be transformed with the addition of fun accessories.
Pictured here is the Delphine Dress worn with our Chaibia Navy Blue Suede Jacket With Hand Painted Details.

Day and night...

If you're an early bird, then the city will offer you some really beautiful mornings. Get up for an early morning walk and you'll find the streets tranquil,the air fresh and the spiced coffee delicious.

The Moroccan days escape quickly in the winter, so it's wise to plan day to evening outfits. Think transferable layers throughout the day, an oversize bag for shopping and accessory swapping so that you don't have to meander back to your hotel for an outfit change later.
The idea is chic, warm and comfortable, with a statement piece for those ever so cool photo opportunities!

What better statement piece than a unique and tres cool jacket to throw over those day to night outfits? We are fully stocked with a selection of jackets and coats which cater to a variety of tastes.

One Off Leather Jacket Hanout Boutique Marrakech
Pictured above is our Sarah's Leather One Off Bomber Jacket.
Embellished with vintage Berber Moroccan jewellery, you're bound to stand out in the crowd. Better yet, this coat is totally unique so no awkward matching outfit moments!

If you're planning your perfect winter sun wardrobe, then you're in luck. Not only does our Fall/Winter look book hold an abundance of inspiration, our E-shop is always open and ready to ship internationally!

Our first boutique is nestled into the bustling shopping district of Mouassine, inside the ancient Medina; and with a second boutique opening soon too.
We also customise garments within a time frame to suit you, so be sure to save a space in your luggage for a Maghrebi addition to your wardrobe.

Written by Amber Zitouni.
Amber Zitouni is a style blogger and resident fashionista in the city of Marrakech.

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