Hanout Boutique is a Moroccan luxury ready-to-wear brand dedicated to women’s fashion.
Meriem Nour, self-taught Moroccan designer, has been at the head of this brand since its creation.
Hanout Boutique is based in Marrakech with its workshops and boutiques located in the historic center of this city.
Marrakech is an integral part of the brand’s DNA, in addition to a natural affinity for the Seventies and Rock culture.
The latest collections have also seen touches and details with a Victorian influence that refer to the years spent in England by the designer.
Our brand has been around for 6 years.
We mainly create two collections per year, as well as several capsule collections.
Our collections are sold in our shops in the Medina of Marrakech as well as online on our E-shop.
Our collections are made in our workshops in the medina of Marrakech by a close-knit team of talented craftsmen who have joined the designer since the launch of Hanout.
Other workshops in the city regularly collaborate on our collections.
Une nouvelle ligne masculine et unisex comme une continuité sur cette réflexion portée sur la nouvelle génération Marocaine confrontée à des challenges complexes.
Through our communication on social networks, our ambition is to share our cultural sensitivities, our values ​​and our thoughts both with our creations and with the visuals that present them.
Meriem, an avid reader and cinephile, draws her inspiration from all cultural mediums.