Chaibia Navy Blue Suede Jacket With Hand Painted Details

Shopping Medina Marrakech

Shopping in the Medina of Marrakech is now a completely new experience elevated to a different level with the opening of an array of chic designer boutiques. Shopping in the medina of Marrakech is now fashionable , chic and enjoyable. Hanout Boutique with it's Moroccan designer Meriem Nour Rawlings belongs to this new wave of creative talents that have boutiques in the heart of the old Marrakech. Hanout Boutique is situated in the buzzing street of Mouassine next to Jardin Secret a lovely Arabic style garden and Cafe Arabe a stunning Italian/Moroccan bar and restaurant. Hanout Boutique is also opening in a new address in the Medina : 5 Rue Riad zitoun El Jdid. This is an other fantastic part of the old town next to the very trendy vegetarian restaurant La famille. Shopping in the medina of Marrakech showcases the talents of both new up coming designers as well as the fantastic handy work of the Moroccan artisans . At Hanout Boutique we create two collections a year that consists of silk dresses , kaftans , hand embroidered trendy jumpsuits and of course our collection of one off Leather Jackets embellished with unique kilim and stunning authentic Berber jewellery. Shopping in the medina of Marrakech is now an experience not to be missed .
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